"Once you get involved in social justice issues, at a certain level, you can't ignore the injustices taking place around you."



Margot is participating in Portland's Open & Accountable Elections Program! Every donation helps fuel the campaign and build momentum and the movement. If you're a Portland resident your first $50 donated will be matched 6:1 through public financing! This lets real grassroots peoples' candidates be driven by the real people they'll represent!   

Help Margot qualify for the city's matching funds. Make a donation of $5 - $250 today! 

*Donations are limited to $250/human, total, through the primary on May 19th. 

Once 250 qualifying donations have been made the city of Portland will start matching funds 6:1. This program gives real grassroots peoples' candidates like Margot a chance to run a real campaign to win a seat.

View the Portland Mercury Article: Portland Renters' Rights Advocate Margot Black is Running for City Council

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